• Where we work

    Our business started through sourcing and delivering bulk volumes of crude and oil products within the FSU and Central Asian regions. We have expanded our operations into Europe, the Middle East and Africa, often working in difficult, complex and challenging environments.

  • Our values

    With the ISO:9001 accreditation, we take great pride in our record of delivering an exceptional service, whilst maintaining a trustworthy, transparent and reliable approach in all areas of our operations.

  • Who we are

    Milio International is a commercial oil company, specialising in upstream, midstream and downstream fuel operations and infrastructure. We look to build long-term relationships with clients, suppliers, governments, partners and local communities which deliver lasting, shared value.


Milio awarded coveted ISO9001:2008 accreditation

Milio is proud to have been awarded the ISO9001:2008 Certified Standards accreditation in recognition of our commitment to providing trustworthy, transparent and effective services across our range of operations.